The 3 Most Common Bonus Casino Games

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Bonus games in slots can be a great opportunity to add large amounts of money to your winnings without having to pay for the rounds. Some of them even lead to much bigger rewards than the actual game.

But which bonuses are the most common? How are they unlocked and how can you play them? Follow along.

Free Spins

Rounds of free spins are probably the most common type of bonus games. Typically, the wins you get from these spins are added to your bankroll. Often, free spin rounds are unlocked by landing one or more scatter symbols on the reels.

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In many of the most recent games, you are led into the bonus round with a video clip or animations revolving around the theme of the game. Some slots allow for successive free spins if you continue landing scatter symbols on the bonus rounds.

Others offer extra wilds alongside the spins. In these, you can significantly increase your winnings during the free rounds.

Pick ‘em bonus games

These are pretty straightforward. Once they are unlocked, you can choose from various options on the screen to reveal rewards. They usually consist of different coin amounts. After you use all your picks, the winnings from the bonus round are added up.

Alternatively, some games let the player keep collecting bonuses until they reach a sign that tells them the round is over.

A fun variation is the Pick and Match, in which gamblers must uncover two matching symbols to be awarded an amount. This type of bonus game requires a bit more skill since you need to remember where a symbol is hidden once you find the matching one.

Spin the wheel

The Wheel of Fortune slot machine perfectly illustrates this type of bonus. When you land three scatter symbols on a pay line, the round is launched. Around the new wheel are prizes and jackpots, which are added up.

The catch is: with every spin, the wheel will feature more and more bankruptcy sections, making it increasingly hard to win.

Now you know how to make the most out of the bonus rounds that are launched midgame.

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