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Hello everyone! My name is Lawrence Camacho and I am the founder of Albinal, a new and fresh digital space online since February 2019. I am 41 years old and I was born in the beautiful Ocean City, in the North-American state of Maryland.

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Ever since my 20s, I started developing an interest in the world of gambling. That was also the exact decade when online casinos began proliferating and giving out amazing opportunities to gamblers.

Of course, they don’t compare to the spectacular offer we can access today, but back then it was a pretty big deal in terms of technological advancements.

Although every gambler loves to scoop a big jackpot and many consider it as the most unparalleled thrill someone could ever get, I have always viewed gambling primarily as a form of entertainment. In fact, I am an advocate for conscious and moderate gambling, whether online or offline.

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When more and more types of bonus games started being introduced in land-based slots and online casinos, I quickly became a big enthusiast.

Getting the chance to add up to the winnings with super fun rounds that, on top of it all, are free, became my favorite part in the entire gambling experience.

Now, the online world provides players with endless types of bonus games, that are already far beyond the traditional spins, wheels or pick and match games.

To let you know everything about the best bonuses in casino games, I came up with the idea of creating a blog specifically designed for the purpose. That is how the Albinal project was born.

From welcoming bonuses to free rounds midgame, you can win prizes and jackpots in a variety of different ways. Stick around with us and we will cover all that and more.

Our mission is very simple. We want you to go out there and get the bonus!