What You Should Know About the Game Developer that Offers the Best Animations and Bonuses

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NetEnt is undoubtedly one of the leading names in casino software development. And rightfully so. NetEnt knows how to create a game that provides the best overall online casino experience.

The graphics and animations are superb. The music pulls the gambler in and always matches the theme perfectly. The bonus games are some of the best around, both in terms of potential winnings and innovation in gameplay.

NetEnt produces software for over 140 top online casinos worldwide. In fact, one of the first questions many gamblers ask before choosing a new online gambling platform to play at is: Does it have NetEnt games?

The offer includes slot machines, table games, video poker and everything in between. The bonus games come in all shapes and sizes, such as free spins, pick ‘em rounds, spin the wheel and even progressive jackpots.

And they are definitely the ultimate best bonuses you will find.

Graphics and animations

The team behind the creation of the graphics and animations for NetEnt’s casino games continuously make some of the best work in the industry. Each game flaunts impressive visuals, impeccable design and cutting-edge, realistic animation.

The practical aspect of the interface also matches the graphics and animations perfectly. Everything you need to look at, including pay charts, reels or cards is tastefully and functionally displayed on the screen.

To let you know more about the NetEnt offer, we will talk about two of the most popular games the company provides. We will go through the main goal of the game and how you can play.

Remember, both of these ensure engaging soundtracks, fun and innovative bonus games with big potential payouts, top-quality graphics and animations and simple, functional gameplay.  

Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better is the most popular and widely enjoyed variant of video poker. The goal of the game is for players to make up one of the hands that qualify as winning combinations in the pay chart.

If you win after the draw, you get an enticing chance. You may choose to lay your winnings on the last hand and have the possibility of doubling them if you are able to correctly predict the color of a specific suit. Be wise. If your guess is incorrect you lose the payouts from the last hand.

This game of Jacks and Better is very easy to play, thanks in great part to the extremely user-friendly interface provided by NetEnt.

All American Poker

We keep emphasizing the incredible graphics and animations from NetEnt games. All American Poker is known by its engaging set of animations revolving around American culture. You will instantly notice the US flag flapping in the upper left corner.

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All American Poker is similar to the game of Jacks and Better, as both the playing rules and the hand rankings are the same. To collect a reward, you need to form a minimum of one pair of jacks or higher. If you bet the highest hand you may get a jackpot of up to 4,000 coins.

The NetEnt version of this game is the one that offers the best bonuses and the biggest payments.

Wait no more. Browse for NetEnt games and get the best bonuses and casino experience.

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